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Welcome to A Revolution in Learning

Simplify is changing the way students get "unstuck" when learning, with the power of getting immediate help when needed

Watch Simplify in action here:

How it works

We’ve assembled the most important answers about the Simplify app for you right here:

To download the Simplify app, simply search for “Simplify Learning” in the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store, depending on the type of mobile device you have.

Alternatively, for iPhone click here:

And for Android click here:

After installing the Simplify app, you will first need to register by filling in your details.

Next, if you’d like to get help from others, you will need to first add them as “helpers”.

All explanations on the various options in the app appear within the app by clicking the ? icon on the top right, and also here.

Within the app, on the most used pages you will find a “?” button on the top right.

Additionally, you can find all the help you need right here:

The Simplify App Help page

Also, feel free to contact our support team:

Contact support

Using Simplify with your students is a wonderful idea.

This way they can help each other, and if you are available to help them, they can ask you for help directly in the app.

The easiest way to get started is to ask your students to download the “Simplify Learning” app.

Then, instruct them to first sign up in the app, and then, the most important step – add their friends as helpers.

Optionally, if they have you in their contacts on their phone, you can instruct them to add you as well as a helper.

With any questions, please be in touch with us here.

We are thrilled about the opportunity to present the Simplify app to you as a teacher!

To get a personal demo, feel free to schedule a Zoom demo with us, right here:

Schedule Zoom demo

We are a team dedicated to creating the best tools for educators and students alike.  You can read about our team here:

About Us