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The Simplify App explained

Welcome to the Simplify Learning app!

Below you will find explanations for the most important parts of the Simplify app.  Also listed are currently known issues with the app that are going to be fixed in future versions.

If there are further questions, please don’t hesitate and contact us here.

This is your list of people you have added as your helpers, people who you can ask for help when you need it.

By default, all of your helpers are active.

If at some point you’d like to disable one of the helpers, you can toggle the helper off, and then you will not be sending that helper your help requests.

If you’d like to delete a helper altogether, simply click the delete button.


To add a helper, tap “Add Helper” at the top, and you’ll be able to select a helper from your contacts, or search for a contact.

It is also possible to manually add a helper who isn’t in your contacts, by clicking the + icon on the bottom left.

Get ready. You are about to get help with your problem from one of your helpers.

You have already taken a photo of your problem, and now is the time to invite your helpers to help.

Here, you first select who of your helpers you’d like to invite. By default, all of your helpers are selected, but you can toggle any of them on or off by using the toggle switch:

After selecting who of your helpers you’d like to invite, click the “INVITE” button and all of your helpers get notified and each can respond.

Once a helper has seen your invite, you’ll see a double checkmark under the helper name, and then each helper can respond with the following:

“Not available”, marked by a red X, “Ready soon”, marked by a yellow watch, or “Ready to help”, marked in Green.

Once any of your helpers is ready (marked in Green), to start your chat help session, simply click on the helper and you’ll move directly into the chat room.

Here you’ll be able to see all of the help requests (also known as invitations) you have received from learners using the Simplify app.

Once an invitation is received, it appears on the page, along with 3 options below, and you can reply to the invitation, as follows:

  • “Ready to Help” – means you can be chosen by the learner and moved over to a chat session.
  • “Ready in 5 minutes” – means you are about to be available to help the learner.
  • “Sorry, can’t right now” – means you are not available to help.

At any point in time, you can be “Ready to Help” on only a single help invitation, as you can only be in a single chat session with a single learner at any point in time.

This is the place to get help with a problem and to help others.

At the top is the blackboard, where both learners and helpers can annotate on top of the problem image.

To annotate, simply choose a color from the palette and draw on the screen. You can zoom in and out and pan in all directions as well.

Note that when you zoom and pan – this happens only on your device, not on the device of the person you’re chatting with.

The buttons on top are used to change the size of the blackboard.

At the bottom, you’ll find the message box, where you can type your chat messages, as well as record an audio message and upload images to the chat.

Samsung Galaxy image gallery access

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy phone, with an Android operating system version 13 or above, note you will not be able to select photos from your gallery.

This issue happens when selecting a photo for your profile picture when signing up, and when you are in a chat session and trying to add a photo to the chat.

Adding a photo from your camera (i.e., not from the image gallery) will still work.

Single quote character (‘) not supported

Currently, if you use the single quote character (‘) in any text field in the app, the app may not continue to work properly.